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American Football Betting Sites

Football is the undisputed the most popular sport in the United States. While the game is at no loss for excitement, things can get even more interesting when you decide to put some money on the line. While making bets amongst friends can be a lot of fun, if you really want to have any chance of making some serious money then you�re going to have to look at the online football betting sites we listed below.

Making your first few bets at the best betting sites can be a bit intimidating, but if you follow a few general rules you can really put yourself in a great position to make money on a consistent basis. While there�s nothing guaranteed about wagering on football (it�s called gambling for a reason) the following tips should greatly improve your chances of winning some money.

Best 2012-2013 Season Football Betting Sites

This sportsbook gets their starting lines directly from Las Vegas. At this point in time, they are one of the most bet at sportsbook accepting all 50 US States with a $900 sign on bonus.



BetOnline Review

Without a doubt my favorite book and gambling site but sometimes the odds are not the greatest but they have told me for 2012 Football season they will have the best lines available.



Bovada Review

This site is now has new owners, that of the “BetOnline” Corp. One of the better things about this site is that you get a 25% bonus whenever you deposit, every time.



SportsBetting Review

This is what the manager said their advantage was to their book. “I�d say our betting advantage over other books is our Credit Card acceptance for US players and big bonuses with low rollover requirements.” Overall most of our customers seem to really like this book.



TopBet Review

If you are outside of the United States this is where you want to bet, hands down they are the best International bookie for US sports and American Football.



Bet365 Review

Do The Research Before Wagering on Football

This seems quite obvious, but it is something that some amateur gamblers simply fail to do. The secret to being a successful sports gambler is to find some kind of edge that you can use to give yourself a better chance at winning. Knowledge is undoubtedly one of the biggest edges that anyone can acquire and NFL.com is a great resource.

Know what the team that you are betting on is good at and bad at, know what the weather conditions are likely to be like and what team this favors, know what players are hot and what players are cold, who�s injured who�s healthy. There is no limit on the amount on information you can acquire. The more information you have, the more educated a bet you�re going to be able to make. You can also keep track of news at tipster sites or any big NFL news or stats website.

Home Field Advantage is Very Important

Home field advantage probably has a bigger effect on American football games than any other sport in the world. This is something that you should really take into consideration especially when wagering against a spread. Do a bit of research and get a teams record on the road and at home, if there is a really big discrepancy you�re going to want to give this piece of information more knowledge than normal.

Also be mindful if a team from the warm south is going to play a team in the frigid cold of the north. Home field advantage is simply a piece of information that you can�t ignore if you want to consistently win money.

Shop Around for Odds at Several Different Sportsbooks

While football isn’t prone to huge discrepancies between different sportsbooks online as far as odds go, you are still going to want to shop around for the best odds. Not shopping for the best odds is on par with saying no to money. If you�re going to gamble you want to make sure that you�re going to be getting the most for you dollar. A lot of experienced gamblers have five or six trusted sites that they will compare odds with and it something that all gamblers should strongly consider doing. Find the top gaming sites and compare, we listed the top 4 already for you.

Football is a great game and it can really be a lot more exciting with money riding on it. Understand the different types of football bets and be sure to never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Whether you�re an amateur gambler or a hardened veteran, following this simple tips can really go a long way in improving your chances of coming out victoriously.

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